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            Premier Lodging. Four-Course Meals. Expert Instruction. All-Inclusive Training.
            Join The STANDARD in Umpire Training for only $2,450.
            Our Curriculum Packages & Costs

          What is the MiLB Umpire Training Academy The Umpire Training Academy is the only professional umpire school operated by Minor League Baseball and is a natural extension of our efforts to expand and enhance umpire training at all levels. Since 1998, 62 Umpires evaluated and developed by Academy Instructors have been hired full time by Major League Baseball.

          Classroom Learning
          MiLB Umpire Training Academy uses the most advanced teaching methods for extensive official baseball rules immersion.
          Plate Instruction
          Students experience a deepened emphasis on plate fundamentals while being challenged daily with leading-edge technologies.
          Field Work
          On-Field repetition through drills, mechanics lessons, and break-out exercises offer proven results in Umpire Training.
          Resort-Style Villas
          Relax, sleep, and recharge in the comforts of resort-style villas which once hosted athletes on their way to the Majors.
          Four Course Dining
          Performance matters. Refresh your body with the nutrition you desire from our excellent four-course dining facilities.
          On-Site Gym & Pool
          Energize, Renew, and relax with our complimentary on-site gym, jogging trails, and take a splash in our caribbean designed pool.
          Jobs In the Academy's first 9 years, 186 students have been hired by Minor League Baseball as Professional Umpires.
          Umpires Since 1998, 67 Umpires evaluated and developed by Academy Instructors have been hired full time by Major League Baseball.
          Instructors 4 to 1. "Student to Instructor Ratio". YOUR success is OUR success. We invest our time and resources in YOU.

          Home of the Newest's State-of-the-Art Umpire Training Facility

          Register Now Ready to become a Major League Baseball Umpire? Join MiLB Umpire Training Academy's Class of 2021 and become a Professional Umpire on the "Road to the Show™".

          3th January, 2021
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          The job of a professional baseball umpire requires quick thinking, common sense and confidence. When the ball is in play, the umpire sees the action, assesses the situation and makes the call—all in a matter of seconds. The successful umpire has a thorough knowledge of the rulebook, is even-tempered and is mentally strong enough to handle situations under stressful conditions. A professional umpire is expected to hustle, be alert, be in excellent physical condition and have a neat appearance.

          Jackie Robinson Complex, Vero Beach, FL
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          First 120 Students
          Graduate to Advanced Course
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